The rise of Daly Seven, Inc began with a fall.

When Philip Daly was a child, his family lost everything in the great depression causing him and his siblings to be placed into different homes. It was Phillip's ultimate goal never to let this happen to his own family, that led him to achieve financial freedom and stability by building and developing the Innkeeper hotel brand. His incredible determination was taught to all seven of his children at a young age; and within them, he, and his wife Frances instilled a passion for working hard while giving back to those in need. Empowered with this vision, and planning for their own future growth, in 1979 the seven children created Daly Seven, Inc. With a current portfolio of 41 Hilton, Marriott, and InterContinental Hotel Group branded hotels; the seven children of Philip and Frances Daly have worked to build a legacy for their children, employees, and communities for years to come.