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Leadership Team

      Daly Seven, Inc. is a hotel management and development company established in 1981 owned and operated by seven brothers and sisters. Each is responsible for different areas of hotel operations as well as operations of four Memorial Gardens. Below is a list of responsibilities for each sibling and other Daly Seven executives.


Niles Daly – Retired President/CEO, Treasurer


Pat Daly – President – Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, Memorial Gardens Division


Jon Daly – President – Construction and Renovations


Jim Daly – President – Construction and Renovations


Bob Daly – President and Assistant Secretary – Real Estate Acquisitions, Financing and Development


Shelayne Sutton – President – Interior Design and Insurance


Charisse Kleinman – President and Secretary – Hotel Inspections and Quality Control


Larry Turner – Vice-President - Hotel Operations


Stan Webb – Vice-President – Auditing and Purchasing


Jon Daly, Jr. – Vice-President - Finance


Anne Goins -  Director of Human Resources

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